Bella Bella Yoni Wand
Bella Bella Yoni Wand
Bella Bella Yoni Wand

Bella Bella Yoni Wand

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 5 inches x 1 inches



Bella Bella Organics Vaginal Tightening Wand is made from all natural herbs and plants abundantly found in Madura Island in Indonesia. It helps moisturize, tighten and refresh your vagina. The natural healing wand properties derive from its 100% pure, natural, unique ingredients, extracted from rare herbs that have been tried and tested to ensure purity.  Enhance your sex life.It also helps with vaginal odor and increases lubrication. The specialized herbs also help to tighten the vaginal walls and tones the outside of the labia.


Ingredients Madura, Pearl Powder, Borneal Flakes, Honeysuckle, Alum


1. Wash hands, Wand and Yoni (Vagina)

2.Relax your Vaginal Muscles and wet yoni and the wand with water and insert three-quarters of the wand into the vagina for 2 minutes, or insert for 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

3. Remove slowly.

(Optional) Add about 1/2 tsp. of coconut oil in vagina after removing wand from your yoni for added moisture. Remember coconut oil is our friend!

4. The Bella Bella Yoni Wand can be used daily for        1 minute to aid in resolving any female odors and vaginal tightening.

5. This natural herbal wand should be used within 6 months of the first insertion. The wand can be used up to 25-30 times, the wand will shrink, it is advised to purchase another wand when it is really small.

How To Maintain- Rinse under running water, dry with clean towel or wave a few times to air dry. Protect from sunlight, keep the wand in the packet that it was received in and in a cool dry place. Protect your yoni wand from breaking. You can continue use if broken as long as it’s not too small.
DO NOT- Rush to take the wand out of your vagina. 
DO NOT-Leave the wand in your vagina longer than 5 minutes before sexual intercourse, you may be too tight for your partner to penetrate you.
DO NOT- Use if a virgin, pregnant or while on your menstrual cycle